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CBO 750 Hybrid DIY Kit (Commercial) | Dual-Fuel (Gas and Wood) | Propane Gas

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Installation Elevation: Up to 3000 ft altitude
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Product Overview

  • UNPARALLELED PERFORMANCE: CBO Ovens 1) hold heat longer 2) heat faster 3) can cook in excess of 1000°.  All thanks to a proprietary blend of commercial-grade refractory cement.
  • REMARKABLE FLAVORS: Anything cooked on a grill or in a conventional oven can be prepared in a wood-burning oven. The difference? Everything tastes better when it’s wood-fired.
  • ENDLESS MENU POSSIBILITIES: Signature FlameRoll® generates high, even temperatures, allowing you to fire up anything including grilled meats, roasted vegetables, bubbling cheeses, flaky pizza crusts, and more.
  • MADE IN THE USA: High-performance outdoor pizza ovens sourced and made in the USA to ensure safe and reliable year-round cooking.
  • PROVEN: Time-tested by thousands of Chicago Brick Oven owners from coast to coast.
  • CERTIFIED: For Commercial Indoor or Outdoor use. Conforms to ANSI STD Z83.11 & Certified to CSA STD 1.8 & NSF (FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS)


  • Assembled Oven - Dome, 3-piece Hearth (38" x 28" cooking surface), Arch, Decorative Door, Anchor Plate, Insulation Blanket, Insulating Boards
  • Gas Package - Available in Natural Gas (NG) or Propane Gas (LP)
  • Install Kit - Arch, Mortar, Decorative Door
  • Accessory Package - Pizza Peel, Cleaning Brush, Infrared Thermometer Gun


  • The Commercial (C) oven is certified for both indoor and outdoor Commercial Applications.


If you are looking for quick heating, the CBO-750 Hybrid DIY Pizza Oven Kit oven includes a two-burner gas system: an infrared burner under the hearth and an ambient burner at the back of the hearth. Burn wood at the back or side of the oven to attain that smoky, wood-fired flavor for which Chicago Brick Ovens are famous.

Chicago Brick Oven prefab outdoor pizza oven kits are certified to UL and NSF4 Standards. Inside and out, the CBO-750 Hybrid DIY Pizza Oven Kit includes everything you need for the easiest and fastest way to experience the high heat of our signature FlameRoll®.

Our Commercial Hybrid ovens are certified for indoor and outdoor commercial applications. Hybrids are available in Natural Gas (NG) or Propane Gas (LP) and must be designated as NG or LP gas units at the time of order and shipped from the factory completely because they cannot be retrofitted in the field. 

After assembling your CBO-750 Hybrid DIY Kit, curing the oven before its first use is critical, yet very simple.

Weight 890 lbs
Dimensions 35.25" W x 42.75" D x 18.69" H

WARNING California's Proposition 65 

Additional Documents



About the Brand

Chicago Brick Oven Logo

Today, Chicago Brick Oven is the leader in American-made residential wood-fired ovens. But first, we were three neighbors having a discussion about buying a single brick oven. That was not such a simple proposition in 2006.

At the time, 99% of residential, outdoor wood-fired ovens bought in the U.S. were manufactured on other continents and sold here through distributors. Once an oven was ordered, the buyer waited several months for it to arrive—and only after they justified paying the astronomical import fees and freight charges.

What if the oven was damaged during shipping? Who would we negotiate with for repairs and replacement parts? Who would install it?

Little did we know that, by answering these questions, we were creating a new business. A business that would produce the best-looking, highest-quality wood-fired brick ovens, minus the hassles, worry, and importing costs. Not just for our little slice of Chicago, but for anyone with a passion for time-proven, classic brick oven design combined with the most advanced American engineering available.

Can I install my own oven?

Yes. It can be a do-it-yourself project. To install it properly and to keep your oven safe from the elements, you’ll need some skill in concrete and masonry.

What is the optimal height for building my platform for the oven to sit on and/or proper height for the oven floor?
There is no firm rule-of-thumb on this topic. This is a decision that each user will need to make on their own. You need to take into account what is comfortable height for the person who will be doing most of the cooking. Some users prefer the oven floor height at waist/chest level so they can easily see and maneuver pizzas, while others prefer to install the floor at eye-level (or higher) to accommodate their desire for guests to enjoy the hearth experience during and after the cooking process.

What size and type pipe do I need to use for my bundled kit?

To properly fit the anchor plate that we supply (simpson duravent model #9441), you should use a simpson duravent model #9405 class “a” 6" pipe, which you can buy from any building or hearth manufacturer. We require a minimum 24" pipe to achieve proper drafting of our oven. (see pages 6 and 13 of our user manual.)

Can I put any bends in my pipe when venting the oven?

You can extend your pipe as high as needed if you are going straight up, but should never exceed 30 degrees if a bend is required. (see pages 6 and 13 of our user manual.)

Do i need the insulating boards if i am installing the oven on a non-combustible base (cement or block) and do i need the insulating blanket if i am encasing the oven in stone or brick?
Yes, it is imperative you install the insulating boards under the hearth, as well as the insulating blanket over the dome per our instructions. (See pages 8-11, 15-17 of our Installation Guide.) The insulating accessories provide a dual benefit of minimizing heat escape outward to the oven surround/base while maximizing heat retention inside the oven. The result will be faster heat times, as well as better thermal properties for low-temperarture cooking.

Do I need a chimney on my oven?

Yes. You will need to install a chimney that meets your local building code. The chimney serves as an airflow regulator, which is essential for controlling the temperature and convection. Your chimney should be at least as tall as the oven is deep.

What else will I need to do to start using my chicago brick oven?

The oven must be installed on a foundation with a covering (dome or shelter) that will give it a finished look and protect it from the elements.

How do I cure my oven?

The curing process for a wood-burning oven varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Though industry best practices suggest you should cure your oven over a three-day period, CBO ovens can be cured in as little as one day. Since we pre-fire our ovens in a kiln during the manufacturing process, most of the water is gone before we ship it out the door. However, there is a small amount of residual water that may remain, so before you use your oven we suggest you to burn-through a 15-20 lb. bag of charcoal over the course of a day or so which seems to work just great. Watch our curing video.

How soon can I use the oven after installation?

Before you cook in it, build a few small fires to cure your oven after installation. Starting a large fire in a new oven could cause it to crack. Be patient! This is the reason you bought a wood-fired brick oven in the first place.

What's the best way to get my fire started?

Once you have properly cured your oven you are ready to fire it for cooking. Always start with dry kindling at the front of the oven. Never use chemicals or starter fluids—you will not need them. Though not recommended, if you opt to use fire starters, you must make sure that the product is 100% natural with no chemicals added (cbo does not assume any liabilty on damages to oven or tainting of foods). Once the fire is going, add small pieces of wood to build the fire. You will want to raise the temperature slowly, and avoid building a huge fire that pours out of the mouth of the oven. We recommend using large chunks of wood once the fire is going strong. You should add these chunks and start to move the fire to the back of the oven approximately 20 minutes before cooking. The entire process should take you 60-90 minutes depending on temperatures outside and elapsed time between oven use. CAUTION: If temperature outside is below 32°F, heat your oven more slowly so as not to cause thermal shock. If your oven has been compromised with moisture or you have gone long periods of time between usage, you need to re-cure your oven!

How long does it take to heat the oven?

To heat the oven, we recommend building a small fire and slowly adding to it to bring up the temperature. This process takes about an hour, depending on the size of your oven. Once it’s hot, you can use your oven for hours.

How do O shut down my oven?

Let the flames burn down, then close the oven door. The oven will cool down over several hours.

How do I clean my flue?

We suggest that you use a stove pipe brush that can be purchased online or at your local hearth supply store.

My door is rusting / oxidizing. What is the best way to restore it to like-new condition?
Our decorative doors are brushed aluminum and tend to oxidize over time. You can take a steel wool pad and gently scrub the door, then repaint it with high-temperature black paint (must be able to withstand heat over 400°F). REMINDER: THE BLACK DOOR IS PURELY DECORATIVE AND SHOULD NEVER BE CLOSED WHEN FIRE IS STILL BURNING AND/OR AT TEMPERATURES GREATER THAN 400°F!

What are basic instructions for high-temperature vs. Low-temperature cooking?

1. High-temperature cooking (over 400°F) should ALWAYS be done as Open-Door Cooking: Keep the fire going in the back of the oven. The oven dome will turn black at first then will turn white as you hit your desired temperature. Sweep out the front of the hearth with a wire brush, and you are ready to cook!
2. Low-temperature cooking (under 400°F) can be performed as Open-Door or Closed-Door Cooking: Spread the fire throughout the oven. You will store heat in the hearth and dome by burning your fire hot for at least an hour. The longer you burn your fire, the more heat will be stored in the hearth and dome and the longer you will be able to cook. Once the fire has burned down, remove all coals and ashes into your ash bin. Sweep the hearth, and run a light mop (barely wet) across it to remove all ash. Load your oven with foods and close the door. NOTE: THE BLACK DOOR IS PURELY DECORATIVE AND SHOULD NEVER BE CLOSED WHEN FIRE IS STILL BURNING AND/OR AT TEMPERATURES GREATER THAN 400°F!

I cannot get the bottom of my pizzas crisp or cooked evenly. What do I need to do?

Everybody's dough cooks differently depending on amount of water, yeast, etc. in the recipe. Here are a some suggestions:
1. Make sure you get your oven up to full temperature during the heating process; the majority of the dome should turn from black to the original color when thoroughly heated.
2. Take a little longer in heating your oven to make sure the hearth really absorbs the heat.
3. Spread some of the embers over a large area of hearth during heating process.
4. Remove the majority of the embers from the oven and dispose of them in a firepit/fireplace or metal can (with water in it).
5. Only use 1-2 small pieces of wood during the cooking process.
6. Cook your pizzas at a lower temperature (around 600-650°F). It will take a couple minutes longer per pie, but will give the bottom a chance to bake more without over-cooking the top of the pie.
7. Make sure you are using hard, aged wood to get maximum performance (wood can become wet if sitting outside uncovered).

What besides pizza can i cook in my wood-burning brick oven?

Anything you can cook in your home oven, you can cook in your Chicago Brick Oven—whole turkeys, bread, grinders, chicken, steaks, chops, vegetables, stews, empanadas, desserts and more. Check out these delicious recipes from The Hangout.
When using any Chicago Brick Oven accessory, please do not allow any type of liquid to touch the hearth or dome. For example, when cooking steak on the grill grate, you need to create a bed of coals underneath the grill grate to “catch” the drippings. You could also use the griddle as a “catch basin” underneath the grill grate.

The dome on my new oven has pitting and discoloration. Is that normal?

A certain amount of pitting occurs naturally during the vibration and screeding (leveling and smoothing) techniques used in manufacturing refractory precast shapes. Also, due to the blending of minerals and the high temperatures used to kiln-fire the oven’s dome, hearth and arch, some discoloration can occur. These cosmetic variations are not detrimental to the function of your oven.

I am experiencing small cracks in my oven (mostly the hearth). Is that normal?

Yes, small cracks are common in all wood-burning ovens made from high-temperature refractory, brick, adobe, clay or ceramic type of materials due to the constant cycling of expansion (heating) and contraction (cooling) process. Unlike any of our competitors, CBO does reinforce all our oven components with stainless steel fibers for better strength and support.

I can't get my oven to heat properly. What can I do?

There are a a few things that may be causing this issue. You need to make sure your oven is properly sealed and not taking on moisture (more likely if you had a custom design/build by a contractor). Next, you need to make sure you are using dried/aged hardwoods that get the oven to proper temperature. Once the oven is properly cured, you need to make sure you kick up the heat. That means once the initial fire is going and the flue is heated, you need to add larger pieces of wood as the oven gets up to high temperatures (over 700°F). SPREAD

What size oven should I purchase?

We recommend purchasing an oven size that fits your budget and backyard. However, we don't know any customers who wish they had less cooking surface to work with. This is a case where bigger is better.

What types of ovens are better, refractory concrete, clay or brick?

We’re partial to refractory and brick ovens because of their look and durability. Our first outdoor oven was made of clay, and in the first harsh chicago winter, it cracked! Refractory ovens are more dependable, but in most cases, the refractory oven has not been fired in the same manner as cbo refractory or brick ovens.

What type of wood should I use?

For best performance, dry and aged hardwood is always preferred. The harder the wood and the longer it is aged, the better. We recommend 2+ years of aging and/or purchasing kiln-dried wood. Soft woods can be used when starting your fire and heating your oven, but it should be noted that they produce as much as 50% less heat so will definitely impact your heat times and should never be used for cooking. It is also recommended that you cover wood if stored outside to keep it from absorbing moisture. CAUTION: You should never use resinous or treated woods which can be dangerous to your health.

Where is the best place to buy my wood?

Depending on where you live, you should be able to locate the wood at a local fireplace wood supplier. Please make sure you stress the need for hard, aged wood. We also suggest you request that your wood be cut in smaller pieces (2" diameter, 12" long); although you can use larger pieces during the oven heating process!

Can the oven be used in all climates?

Yes. You can use the oven year-round in any climate. The structure you build around the oven must keep the elements out and the oven dry.

Can I have a wood-fired Chicago Brick Oven indoors?

Yes. You must check your local building codes for all the details, but it will certainly work indoors. Our commercial hybrid models with gas assist (Natural Gas or Propane Gas) are certified for both indoor and outdoor use, but note our residential hybrid models are certified for outdoor use only.

How much do the ovens weigh?

The model cbo-500 oven weighs 300 lbs. The model cbo-750 oven weighs 480 lbs. While comparatively lightweight, both ovens do require a properly poured foundation.

How are your ovens shipped?

We take extra effort to ensure our ovens are shipped safely. Each oven is palletized with a protective crate built around it.

Is the oven safe around children?

Anytime you have fire, there is some danger. The outside of the oven will be hot to the touch; just how hot depends on the design and use of insulation. If installed properly, the oven should not pose any more danger than a bbq grill.

What accessories come with the purchase of a chicago brick oven?
Every chicago brick oven comes with insulation, a decorative door and a pizza peel.


Regardless of who we are or where we live, it’s human nature to gather around fire. Cooking food, sharing stories and enjoying the warmth of camaraderie. These are some of the reasons why our ovens feature a visible in‑chamber fire. All CBO models In-chamber fires double as a beautiful sight for you and your guests.

Unlike common outdoor ovens that obscure the flames and flickering embers with out-of-chamber fire designs, our ovens are modeled on the ancient Neapolitan oven. And not just for the looks. But for the authentic wood-fired flavor thats been around for centuries.


An authentic wood-fired brick oven starts with an in-chamber fire. And true to traditional Italian wood-fired ovens, our design features a low, igloo-shaped dome. A modern and efficient flue system ensures that smoke won’t escape through the front of your oven.

Our FlameRoll™ creates a vacuum for concentrated heat up to 1,000ºF. The high-performance design allows you to include radiant heat, convection and conduction in your outdoor cooking repertoire. It’s versatility that’s perfect for the professional or at-home chef.


Generations of European oven makers provided the original blueprint for our wood-fired brick ovens. These elegant designs have stood the test of time in temperate regions of Spain, Italy and Germany. But winter in Maine or Wisconsin? Well, that’s another story entirely.

Unlike most wood-fired ovens of today, which are imported to the U.S., our ovens are American made and certified to UL and NSF4 Standards. With a proprietary refractory cement formula and stainless steel fiber reinforcement, they’re designed for maximum durability even in extreme climates from coast to coast.

Discover the Chicago Brick Oven Difference

Today, Chicago Brick Oven is the leader in American-made residential wood-fired ovens. But first, we were three neighbors having a discussion about buying a single brick oven. That was not such a simple proposition in 2006.

At the time, 99% of residential, outdoor wood-fired ovens bought in the U.S. were manufactured on other continents and sold here through distributors. Once an oven was ordered, the buyer waited several months for it to arrive—and only after they justified paying the astronomical import fees and freight charges.

What if the oven was damaged during shipping? Who would we negotiate with for repairs and replacement parts? Who would install it?

Little did we know that, by answering these questions, we were creating a new business. A business that would produce the best-looking, highest-quality wood-fired brick ovens, minus the hassles, worry and importing costs. Not just for our little slice of Chicago, but for anyone with a passion for time-proven, classic brick oven design combined with the most advanced American engineering available.


Chicago Brick Oven, a manufacturer of wood-fired ovens, warrants the products to be free from defects
in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment.
Local regulations about wood burning equipment should be consulted.

For more information see page 36 in the User Manual.

Chicago Brick Oven Return Policy


Because each Chicago Brick Oven is custom-built, all oven sales are final.

We do accept returns on cooking accessories and parts within 30 days of the customer's receipt.

To be eligible for a return, your item(s) must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Once your cooking accessories or parts return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item(s). We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.

If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, generally within five (5) business days depending on your bank's operating guidelines.

Sale items (if applicable)
Only regular-priced items may be refunded; unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded.

Exchanges (if applicable)
We will replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at, call us at (833) 419-1774 or use the live chat. 

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund.


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