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Winter Sale | Use SAVE-100 At Checkout For $100 Off*
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Big Battery

Discover the Power of Big Battery

Welcome to the world of Big Battery, a beacon of innovation in the realm of renewable energy solutions. As the largest supplier of surplus batteries in the United States, Big Battery stands at the forefront of cost-effective energy storage, driving the mass adoption of clean and independent energy.

Why Choose Big Battery?

Our commitment to renewable energy is unwavering. While the renewable energy sector has seen significant advancements over the past decade, the challenge of expensive batteries has persisted. Big Battery is here to change that narrative. Our mission is to lower the cost of energy storage, bridging the gap between innovation and affordability.

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Innovative Designs Built to Last

In an era dominated by planned obsolescence, Big Battery products defy the norm. Our designs are a testament to longevity and efficiency. We champion the #RightToRepair movement, ensuring our products are not just durable but also modular and user-friendly. With easily replaceable modules and non-proprietary components, our battery packs guarantee easy maintenance and an extended life cycle. Equipped with the latest battery technology and bolstered by safety features, every Big Battery product comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

The Visionary Behind Big Battery

Eric Lundgren, the founder of Big Battery, is more than just an entrepreneur; he's a visionary. His journey, from founding the largest hybrid electronic recycling company to creating the world's longest-range electric vehicle, speaks volumes about his dedication to sustainable solutions. Having witnessed the transformative power of renewable energy across continents, Eric returned to the U.S. with a mission: to make renewable energy accessible to all. Today, Big Battery, with its facilities spanning the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China, stands as a testament to that vision.

Empower Your World with Big Battery

We're not just a brand; we're a movement. A movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. As you explore our collection, remember that with every Big Battery product you choose, you're taking a step towards empowering your world with clean energy.

Dive into our collection and experience the Big Battery difference. Harness the power of renewable energy and join us in shaping a sustainable future.


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