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Does your grill get hot enough? An Arteflame grill sears and flavors your food at three times the temperature of gas grills.

Steakhouses serve the best steaks because they grill and sear steaks over wood at temperatures around 1,000°F (559°C). This heat quickly sears steaks and locks in juices. An Arteflame easily reaches these same grilling temperatures. Grill Steakhouse Quality Food In Your Own Backyard.

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Who is Arteflame?

Arteflame is the leading American manufacturer of Flat Top / Griddle / Plancha style Grills. Built exceptionally solid, they are designed to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance.

When you buy an Arteflame grill, fire pit or griddle grill combination insert (grill grate replacement plancha), you are buying 100% made in America. Arteflame is known for making solid steel grill griddle combination grills that allow you to grill steakhouse quality food at home. Steakhouse quality steaks can now be grilled in your own backyard. Grill your steak to temperature on the plancha, then sear it to perfection on the grill grate over the live fire. Using the rotisserie or the pizza oven, there are many ways to grill on an Arteflame.

Arteflame cooktops are made of extra thick carbon steel while the grill bodies are made entirely of Corten steel. Corten steel is also called “weathering steel” and is used in many outdoor structures like buildings, bridges and architectural works of art that live outside. Each grill develops a unique, gorgeous patina that is ever-changing. Arteflame grills have an internal airflow system without any moving parts or adjustments. This airflow generates more heat with minimal smoke while using less wood or charcoal. The cooktop can also be taken off so every Arteflame grill converts into a fire pit. (Lifting tool included)

Arteflame style grilling is also known as Mongolian, Korean, Hibachi, Plancha or Teppanyaki style grilling. Griddle grill combination inserts allow you to grill Arteflame style on your barbecue by replacing your existing grill grate. Replacing your grill grate with a grill griddle combination insert allows you to grill your whole meal at the same time without having to run back to the kitchen. Arteflame inserts fit most popular grills like; Akron, Kamado, Oklahoma Joe, Joe Classic, Big Joe, Green Egg, Napoleon, Traeger, Weber, Weber Summit, Genesis, Blackstone and most gas grills and other charcoal barbecues.

All Arteflame griddle grill cooktops, grill grates, replacement grill grate inserts and the awesome little burger pucks are made of carbon steel and season just like cast iron cookware. Cooking on seasoned carbon steel or cast iron is regarded as the “gold standard” for preparing the best-tasting food possible. Arteflame griddle grill combination cooktops will last a lifetime.

But don't take our word for it. Invite friends and family and grill your next steakhouse-quality meal at home on your Arteflame.

Why do I need an Arteflame Grill?

Arteflame Grills are designed to solve three main issues;

-1- traditional grills don't get hot enough to grill like a Steakhouse

-2- traditional grills don't allow you to grill all your food at once

-3- traditional grills don't give your food that gorgeous smokey steakhouse flavor. 

Arteflame grills solve all these issues in one gorgeous combination grill and griddle combination design.  The center grill grate easily exceeds 1,000F while. the solid steel cooktop ranges in temperature from 450 around the inside edge to 250 at the outside edge.   This temperature range allows you to grill all your food at different temperatures at the same time.

Arteflame grills are also designed to be absolutely gorgeous.  They are designed to be the centerpiece in any backyard.  All Arteflame grills double as fire pits giving them another unique function traditional grills just don't have.


Carbon Steel vs Cast Iron

Why use carbon steel cooktops rather than cast iron?  What is the difference and why is carbon steel any better?

Carbon Steel and Cast Iron are very similar.  This is why both are very good for cooking and grilling.  The main difference is that Carbon Steel contains about 1% Carbon while Cast Iron contains 2% - 3% Carbon.  This difference might not sound like much but the carbon affects the grain structure of the metal.  As Carbon gets added to the steel mix, Carbon has a tendency to clump together into lumpy carbides and form pockets of pure carbon (graphite).  When this happens, the metal becomes very hard and very brittle.  It disrupts the grain of the metal, making it irregular, brittle, and prone to cracking.  This is the reason why Cast Iron often cracks or breaks.  When Cast Iron is heated unevenly, the heat differential causes stress in the metal as the thermal expansion is uneven.  When this stress encounters a pocket of carbon, Cast Iron cracks.  This is also why Cast Iron often breaks when it is dropped.  The area of high carbon is extremely brittle and can’t stand the shock.

Because Carbon Steel has only 1% Carbon, this phenomenon is negligible and much easier to control and prevent from happening.  The grain structure in Carbon Steel is very uniform and virtually impervious to heat stress or shock.  In addition to this, Carbon Steel is “rolled” in the steel mill.  It is forced between heavy rollers while the steel is hot.  After rolling the steel and getting it to the right thickness, the steel is “doused” with cold water that causes the grain structure to freeze in place.  This makes Carbon Steel very strong and the choice material to cook on.  Even with uneven heat loads or dropping Carbon Steel, it will not break or crack.  This allows for a lifetime of use.

The larger the surface area and the thinner the material, the more prone Cast Iron is to cracking and breaking.  In a grill, the heat is never uniform.  This makes cast Iron an inferior choice for grill inserts.  For this reason, all Arteflame cooktops, inserts, griddles, and Burger Pucks are made of Carbon Steel.

What is the Arteflame Grill made of?

Every Arteflame grill is made from CORTEN steel or "weathering" steel. This steel is expensive but exceptionally tough and weather resistant. It is specially formulated to be outside and has a natural, beautiful patina that is permanent. There simply is no other steel like it.

All Arteflame cooktops, inserts, and grill grates are made of carbon steel.  This has proven to be the absolute best material to cook on.  It doesn't break or crack like cast iron, it is not harmful to the human body like Aluminum, and does not contain Cadmium as chrome-plated steel grates do.  It does not have lead as porcelain-coated steel does either.  This makes Carbon Steel the absolute best cooking solution.


Does it use wood for fuel?

Arteflame grills use wood and charcoal for fuel. Use hardwoods such as hickory, oak, maple, and fruit woods such as peach, cherry, and apple. Hardwoods have an aromatic air and can be varied to add different flavors to your cooking.  Lump charcoal, smoker pellets, or charcoal briquettes are also good to use.  Soft woods such as pine are to be avoided as the sap contained in soft woods is prone to smoking and spitting embers. Likewise, never use manufactured logs as they contain wax and fillers that can be harmful - especially if used for cooking.

What is so special about an Arteflame cooktop?

Arteflame uses a special manufacturing process for all grills and inserts.  It ensures an accurate and precise fit and finish, eliminates material imperfections, and smoothes all steel edges so no food particles can lodge and hide... (yuck!).  This method is expensive but it ensures the quality we strive for and you expect.

How do I season the cooktop?

Seasoning the cooktop is key to making it completely non-stick and to keep the rust away.  The easiest way to season the cooktop is by using the Arteflame Seasoning Puck.  Alternatively, you can use cooking oil.  See recommend grapeseed oil.  For detailed instructions, follow the instructions in the seasoning manual.

What if I do get some rust on the cooktop?

If rust does form on the cooktop, it is an indication that the seasoning has come off.  In most cases, you can just heat up your cooktop to grilling temperature and scrape off all loose rust.  Then wipe the cooktop using a rag and some cooking oil (we recommend grapeseed oil) until all the rust is gone.  Now you are ready to preseason the cooktop.  Since the cooktop is made of solid carbon steel, all rust is just surface rust.  Sanding away any rust is seldom necessary.

To re-season your Arteflame, follow the same process as you did to get it seasoned.

What cooking oils can I use?

Any food-grade cooking oil can be used. Keep in mind that future guests may have nut allergies so for that reason we do not recommend using peanut oil.  For proper seasoning of the cooktop, we recommend using one of our seasoning pucks. (seasoning puck).  When not in use, we recommend a light coating of the cooktop with grapeseed oil to keep it properly seasoned and avoid oxidation from forming.  

How long does it take to heat up?

After you light your Arteflame grill, you have time to prep all your food and bring it out.  Once you are done prepping your food, your grill will also be ready.  The easiest way to light your Arteflame is by using the Arteflame Airlighter.  Light a mound of charcoal in the center of the Arteflame and add wood when the charcoal is hot.

Does it need a cover?

Once the cooktop is seasoned properly, oiled, and cleaned after each use, you do not need to cover it.  The Arteflame is intended to stay outside year-round.  We do sell optional stainless lids for the center of the grills as well as vinyl covers.  The stainless lids avoid debris from entering the grill and smothers the fire when you're done grilling.  The vinyl cover will keep your cooktop rust-free for longer periods of time.

Is it safe for wood decks?

We recommend the placement of tiles or a grill mat under your Arteflame should you decide to locate it on a wood / Tyvek deck or any other flammable surface. The tall Euro base or the tall round base of the Classic 40 do not get hot enough to pose any direct issue on flammable surfaces. The tall round base has an ash catcher so that any ashes are caught and do not contact your deck.

Should you choose, you may also put sand or stones in the bottom of your Arteflame to catch any loose embers. The low bases ARE NOT recommended for wooden or manufactured decks as they also function as fire pits and the fire bowl will transfer heat to the deck. We recommend using stone / concrete tiles or a grill mat underneath any Arteflame grill as a safety precaution.

Will my Arteflame stain my concrete patio?

Every Arteflame is designed so that the corten steel never touches the surface it sits on.  Euro grills come with a stainless steel footer and all other Arteflame grills come with screw-in feet that lift the grill off the ground.  This avoids stains and also allows air to flow into the grill from the bottom.

Will grease drain onto my patio?

Every Arteflame cooktop is slightly dished so that all excess grease finds its way to the center of the grill where it burns off.   No grease can escape from the Arteflame.

Do I need to store my Arteflame inside during the winter?

No, every Arteflame is designed to stay outside year-round. If you do not plan on using it for long periods of time, we recommend regularly applying grapeseed oil to the cooktop to keep it properly seasoned. If you plan on using your Arteflame in the winter, covering it with our stainless steel or vinyl cover will prevent it from filling up with snow.  If after long periods of not being used you do see surface oxidization on the cooktop, make a fire in the Arteflame and get it up to temperature. Then scrape all surface oxidization off the cooktop and rub it down with cooking oil. This will clean and re-season the cooktop.

Why do prices in Europe appear different from those in the US?

In Europe, quoted prices are inclusive of all taxes.  In many cases, these taxes are substantial, sometimes as much as an additional 22%.  In the US, we always sell excluding any applicable taxes.  Then there are some exchange rate charges and shipping fees that differ from those in the US.  When taking this into account, the price differences are actually negligible.

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